Friday, 20 January 2012

missing you a lot dear

today was just one of those days where everything i did reminded me of you and every song i heard somehow related to you . i hate days like today , because they remind me of the one thing i dont have .
i wish i could that i could hold you now , i wish that i could touch you now , i wish i could talk to you and be with you somehow my heartbeat .

i ofter catch myself constantly wondering how you are , sitting alone with my mind set so far , reminiscing about you smila , voices and touch .
when im not there , do you think of me ? when you're sad and something's bothering you , do wish i were there to help comfort you ? when you lay down at night do you look back and cherish the new memories you've made with me ? and when you get up in the morning , does everything inside of you smile , knowing that this will be another way that we'll be together ? because that's how i think of you .
damn this life , im missing you so much my heartbeat .

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